Daiso Japan Wholesale Program (DJWP)

      For Retailer and Wholesaler only  

Although we don’t offer franchise in the U.S.currently, you can join our popular DJWP and start saving today!

By joining the DJWP, you will be saving on every purchase from Daiso Japan and we will provide you a discount based on your purchase of our products. In order to open an account, you must provide a contact person and your company information by submitting the application form.
We will then review, and activate your DJWP account.

Please follow the following instructions in order to apply for DJWP:

1. Create an account on our website by clicking on the "Account" button on the top right corner of our website. Follow the instructions to set up your account. 

2. Download & fill out the DJWP application form and e-mail it to us at

After reviewing your DJWP application, we will re-activate your account. Once your account is re-activated, every time you login to our account, you will see the new DJWP prices.

There is no cost to join, no annual fees, it is free!
Start saving today!


1. DJWP can not be combined with other specials.
2. DJWP Discount prices may change without prior notice.
3. Daiso Japan reserves the rights to terminate the DJWP without prior notice.
4. Discount rates does not apply to shipping fees.
5. All orders must be placed ONLINE.
6. DJWP applies to US domestic customers only.
7. DJWP only can ship your order items based on inventory availability.
8. Terms and Conditions apply to all purchases made in
www.daisojapan.com site.