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 Advantages of Japanese green tea
 1.Support for increasing fat combustion:
Caffein effects to use fat as energy source.
2.Cold prevention:
Tea contain VitaminC; improve immunity, and catechin; has bacteri-cidal activity.
It is also said that catechin weaken ful virus.
3.Hungover prevention:
The main cause of hungover is harmful acetaldehyde.
If you take in before drinking alcohol, degradation capability and alerting influence contained in vitaminC and caffein prevent hungover .
4.Skin lightning:
VitaminC is effective for combatting skin freckles, mottles, and  disorders. 
It does not break up even by hot water, so it is able to take the nutrition fully and easily from warm tea.
5.Keep healthy skin:
Vitamin A preserve the skin's moisture, and carotene works much like VitaminA.
You can take carotene by eating tea leaves, or drinking green tea (mattya).
6.Inhibite to absorb glucose:
Catechin effects to inhibite absorbing glucose, thus the fat made from sugar is decreased.
It is effective in the obesity prevention.
Tea brands and the optimum temperature
Grow in away from direct sunlight.
Generally it is representative of green tea.
The taste and fragrant is nice.
It is made by roasting leaves at high heat.
The taste is light and it is favored to drink after eating.
It is sencya mixed with roasted and popped brown rice.
The flavor is mild, and you can taste fresh grassy flavor of green tea.
Making a cup of tea
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