Massage Sandals

Regarding Assorted Items
In your order screen, if 1) 2 or more different items are shown in one picture or 2) “assorted” is written in the item name or description, the item's color, design, and/or size will ship only as an assortment. For more detailed information, please refer terms and condition.

  • Balance sandal
    Balance sandal, 4 assort, 3.42 x 7.28 in, 40pks
    SKU : 4549131433371
    Size : 8.7 x 18.5 cm, 3.42 x 7.28 in
    Assort : Red bow 6 pairs, Blue bow 6 pairs, Red/ black cat 16 pairs, Blue/ black cat 12 pairs
    Material : Cotton, Polyester, Polyurethane, Ethylene vinyl acetate
    Box Price: $91.20
    Low stock