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Cups & Cup Bags

Cups & Cup Bags
Regarding Assorted Items
In your order screen, if 1) 2 or more different items are shown in one picture or 2) “assorted” is written in the item name or description, the item's color, design, and/or size will ship only as an assortment. For more detailed information, please refer terms and condition.

  • Portable collapsible cup -with carabiner-
    Portable collapsible cup w/ carabiner, 2 assort, 10pks
    SKU : 4549131292336
    Size : d7 x h3.5 cm, d2.76 x h1.38 in
    Volume : 200 ml, 6.76 fl oz
    Assort : Green 5 pcs, Blue 5 pcs
    Material : Polypropylene
    Box Price: $16.80
  • Silicone folding cup green
    Silicone folding cup, green, d3.1 x h2 in, 10pks
    SKU : 4979909912614
    Size : d7.8 x h5 cm, d3.1 x h2 in 
    Material : Silicone, Polypropylene
    Box Price: $16.80
    Low stock
  • Silicone folding cup yellow
    Silicone folding cup, yellow, d3.1 x h2 in, 10pks
    SKU : 4979909912607
    Size : d7.8 x h5 cm, d3.1 x h2 in
    Material : Silicone, Polypropylene
    Box Price: $16.80