Decorated obento (lunch box) with formed rice balls or shaped vegetables is very popular among ladies in Japan. 

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What is “DECO BEN” and “KYARA BEN”?

Rice balls and sandwiches can be decorated with cut nori (seaweed), a piece of fruits, vegetables, sausage, and etc., in an obento box.

You may...
cut vegetables or form rice using an animal shaped mold or the other shaped molds.

These decorated obento are called “DECO BEN” (decorative bento).


In addition, obento is decorated with anime (cartoon) characters such as Hello Kitty, Sponge Bob, Anpanman, and etc., 
is called  “KYARA BEN” (character bento).

It might be difficult to arrange first but just try.
Plenty of ideas might be come up with you.
You will be fun with cooking, and also your family or a person who eat them will be happy.
The decorative bento makes people smile!!


What you need to start cooking "DECO BEN"or "KYARA BEN.

Have a look through the obento category and get items.

They could be helpful.



Seaweed puncher, apple, 10pks

Hard boiled egg mold, 10pks 

Small and large triangle rice ball mold, 10pks

Seaweed puncher, star, 10pks


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