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F lat and long Tenugui has superior feature of not having by towels.
Meaning of Tenugui is a cloth for drying hands.
Tenugui made from cotton is easy to absorb liquid.
Traditional usages are for drying hands, wearing on the head to protect from sun, wiping sweat, and using at the bath time as a towel, etc.  

Normal size is about 90cm x 35cm, and various designs are printed on.

Various usages of Tenugui

You will be surprised by the well water absorbability.
The size is almost same as handkerchieves or mini towels by folding in small therefore, it does not take up much space in a bag.
If you got Tenugui dirty, you do not need to worry about that. It dries quickly, so you can reuse soon after washing and hanging out.
The material is very hygienic.

Band your hair by folding in elingated shape.
Very useful when you make up or wash your face.

When you carried a bottle of drink in a bag, have not you had an experience that inside the bag got wet because of drop of water?
In like this case, you would be much comfortable by wrapping it .
It must be a great idea to present a bottle of wine or Japanese sake with Tenugui wrapping.

 When you eating or drinking, lay Tenugui on your lap to protect your clothes.
 In addition it is possible to wipe your mouth or hands. Other using variations are as place mats, tablecloths, and wet towels for wiping your hands, etc.

 Enjoy arrangement of Tenugui as a scarf or BandanaYou can arrange Tenugui as a scarf or Bandana.
Try on your neck or head.

 Nice and soft textiles, and good foaming provide you comfortable washing at the bath time.

・Tenugui is useful when you got injured or ill.
 Slash tenugui thinly, and use as a bandage. (easy to cut by hands)
・Wrap ice in a plastic bag to cool down your head.
・Wrap a disposable pocket warmer when you feel chilly.
・To tie up your arms or legs with splints when you broke.
・As a face mask when fire occured.

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