Hot Pot Cuisine      
 ~Japanese Nabe~                         

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Nabe is known as Japanese hot pot cuisine.

They are traditional cooking in Japan.

A pot called donabe, is traditionally made of clay, which keeps warm inside after being taken off the fire.

The pot is usually placed in the center of a dining table to share foods with multiple people.

Pour boiled water with soup flavoring (called dashi) into the pot.

Add vegetables such as cabbages, onions and sliced carrots, and sliced meats.

Enjoy your own Japanese nabe-style.




This is one of the most popular nabe in Japan.

Yose means putting together.

Yosenabe can be cooked with various foods in a single pot such as meats, seafoods, eggs, tofu and vegetables.

It is generally based on a seasoned broth made with miso and soy sauce flavoring.                           


This is originally known as a sumo wrestlers’ dish in order to help their gaining weight.

There are many different recipes; typically contains meatballs, chicken, vegetables, and udon noodle.



Yudofu is a very simple dish; tofu in a simmered kelp soup.

Serve with ponzu (citrus-based sauce) and various condiments.


Stir-fried thinly sliced beef, tofu, vegetables and sometimes noodles are usually cooked together.

It is flavored with soy sauce, and eat with a raw egg dip. 


Oden is a Japanese winter dish.

Mainly contain boiled eggs, konjac, radish, and processed fish cakes in a soy-flavored broth.

Let’s dip Japanese mustard (karashi), and eat.

Shabu shabu:

Thinly sliced raw beef and other vegetables are cooked briefly in a simmering pot of broth.

Eat with sauces such as ponzu or sesame dip.

The name shabu-shabu came from the sound of meat through the broth.


Prepare a filled pot with soup, and boil fresh beef or pork offal with cabbages and garlic chives.

The basic soup is usually soy sauce with garlic and chili pepper, or miso.

After having motsunabe, the rest of soup is used for chanpon noodle soup.

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